Vaguely interesting (Dec 2)

(1)  “If the U.S. had 100 adults, 58 would still identify with the religion in which they were raised, but 42 would no longer identify with their childhood faith.”

(2)  “In the 10 states with the largest share of white voters without college degrees, Trump beat his polling average by an average of 8 percentage points — a major polling miss. But in the 10 states with the lowest share of white voters without college degrees, Clinton beat her polls by an average of 3 points (or 4 points if you count the District of Columbia as a state).”

(3)  “Across four studies people were consistently more likely to cheat to prevent a negative status change than to realize a positive change.”

(4)  On Obamacare, 49% want to expand it or keep it as is, while 43% want to repeal it or scale it back (and, among Republicans, opinions have been shifting from “repeal” to “scale back”).

(5)  It’s hard to tell whether we’re really in some kind of new asymmetric post-truth era—such claims are usually overblown—but stuff like this is pretty striking. (AKA facts schmacts.)