Vaguely interesting (Oct 31)

(1)  No, there’s probably not strong evidence that things like shark attacks and football games have big effects on elections. (I covered a related Achen/Bartels problem in an earlier post: Their abortion findings seem to involve the kind of researcher-degree-of-freedom moves that once weren’t really scrutinized, but now seem obviously problematic.)

(2)  “[C]hildren in cohabiting households have poorer health outcomes than children in married households regardless of the sex composition of their parents. Children in same-sex and different-sex married households are relatively similar to each other on health outcomes, as are children in same-sex and different-sex cohabiting households.”

(3)  A deep dive into the Trump campaign’s strategy to negatively target Clinton voting groups, and to monetize/dominate GOP politics if they lose.

(4)  Births to unauthorized immigrants have been declining and are now down where they were in 2000/2001.

(5)  “Qualitative responses indicated that [mothers’] nonspecific bragging and boasting about academic achievements [of their children] were the most common irritants. Although 40% of women were angered or annoyed by such comments, less than 5% endorsed a direct hostile response.”