Vaguely interesting (Nov 4)

(1)  “The exit poll is a major operation. Edison expects to survey about 16,000 early and absentee voters by phone … and another 85,000 or so voters in person.”

(2)  “Despite spending much of their time thinking about public policy, economists don’t have much success when it comes to actually persuading the public of anything.”

(3)  “Although we didn’t find much vote switching, we did notice a different type of change: the willingness of Clinton and Trump supporters to participate in our polls varied by a significant amount depending upon what was happening at the time of the poll: when things are going badly for a candidate, their supporters tend to stop participating in polls. (And, related stuff here about how poll respondents don’t often move from one candidate to another, but do move back and forth from supporting neither.)

(4)  The number of unauthorized immigrants in the U.S. workforce has been basically flat since 2007.

(5)  “The parties won’t fully exchange their class identities for the simple reason that working-class blacks and Hispanics can’t trust the GOP to represent them.”