Vaguely interesting (Oct 12)

(1)  “[C]itizens habitually update their party loyalties, their beliefs about their preferred religious text, and their religious commitments to better reflect their preferences on divisive culture war issues. … Put succinctly, culture war issues have power sufficient to alter the so-called fountainheads in political and religious belief systems.”

(2)  How shifting patterns among non-college whites, college whites, and non-whites could affect the 2016 election map.

(3)  “Today, 57% of U.S. adults say the use of marijuana should be made legal, while 37% say it should be illegal.”

(4)  “A single variable—having a criminal record—is a key missing piece in explaining why work rates and [labor-force participation rates] have collapsed much more dramatically in America than other affluent Western societies …. [It] also helps explain why the collapse has been so much greater for American men than women and why it has been so much more dramatic for African American men and men with low educational attainment ….”

(5)  “Only about a third of blacks but roughly three-quarters of whites say police in their communities do an excellent or good job in using the appropriate force on suspects, treating all racial and ethnic minorities equally and holding officers accountable when misconduct occurs.” (No, seriously, think about those numbers.)