Vaguely interesting 150423

1.  Big supporters of same-sex marriage: The non-religious and other non-Christians (except Muslims and Hindus). Moderate supporters: Catholics, Orthodox, Hindus, and white mainline Protestants. Moderate opponents: Muslims and non-white Protestants. Big opponents: Jehovah’s Witness, Mormons, and white evangelical Protestants.

2.  Moral game theory: People are more likely to punish if they can do it covertly.

3.  Moral game theory: Proclaiming a moral position increases others’ punishments of one’s own transgressions.

4.  Seyfarth and Cheney guest edit a special section on the evolution of social cognition (scroll down to the bottom of volume 103).

5.  10 tricks to appear smart in meetings. (ht Wonkblog)

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